Handling app translation through API

Posted in General by Grzegorz Miklaszewski Tue May 26 2015 10:12:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·1·Viewed 3,587 times

Hi, I have an app which contains thousands of strings that need translation. What's the best way to send them to your API? Generate one CSV file with key/value pairs and send it as one job or maybe create a job for every string? What's your recommendation?
May 26, 2015


I am João the CTO of Unbabel. The best way is to generate a XLIFF file with a trans-unit per entry. And send the string with the XLIFF. What programming language are you using? For instance on the python sdk we already have wrappers to generate an XLIFF from a python dictionary (id, entry).

Can you email me [email protected] so we can talk in more detail.


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